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Get A Free Minecraft Account Today!


Our team of 5 developers and hackers have recently developed a seal-proof hack to Minecraft that allows you to generate a Premium Minecraft Account with any Username you want, even if it’s already taken!



Download Instructions:

1. Download Minecraft Hack(Below)

2. Install Minecraft Hack

3. Open Hack and input details, receive randomly generated password

4. Turn Hack on and put details into Minecraft

5. Enjoy!




Minecraft HackWhen you start the Hack, you will see a selection for Username, Password, and an option to start the Minecraft Hack.  The first thing you do is input your desired username into the Username textbox.  This can be any username you want, whether it is taken or not.


Press Submit.  The program then generates a random password that corresponds to your username for that session.  Click the start button to start the hack.  Leave the Hack up.  Do not close it until you are done playing Minecraft.


Using the Hack:


Free Minecraft Account

Although I didn’t have time to fit this into the Free Minecraft Account Video, I took this screenshot while playing on a random server using the Minecraft Hack.  I had another developer on our team, John, use the hack to login with the username Notch.  You can choose any name you want, but he chose Notch solely for this purpose: People going crazy.

While it is fun to portray Minecraft stars and heroes, you can’t forget the fact that you’re getting a Free Minecraft Account with unlimited name changes.

Download Now:


download minecraft hack

Note: You need to have Winrar to Install this Hack. If you don’t have it, please download it HERE

If you get an application error upon launching, you need to download the Microsoft .Net 4.0 Framework HERE.

Development Team: